Where does Suppliers Environmental Assessment fit within an EMS?

Supplier Environmental Assessment is normally carried out by companies adopting an
EMS, whether this EMS is certified or not. Green purchasing is a similar term which
involves the adoption of environmental criteria/considerations for buying goods or
services by a company or by a public body (public procurement).
Sustainable procurement and sustainable supplies are terms associated with the
principles of sustainable development which also incorporates economic and social
considerations in selecting suppliers.

1. Critically discuss the need to implement a supplier environmental assessment
programme. Use examples of such programmes from literature to support
• Why is suppliers’ environmental performance important to a company
adopting an EMS, whether certified or not? Where does Suppliers
Environmental Assessment fit within an EMS? Refer to relevant
standards/good practice available
• What methods can be used for assessing the environmental performance of
suppliers? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such methods.

2. Critically discuss the adoption of EMS as a vehicle to achieve sustainability of
company operations. Again you need to support your discussions using academic
literature and examples from practice.
• Briefly introduce the three aspects of sustainability and the role of companies
in addressing all these three aspects, including the concept of CSR.
• What are the benefits and what are the limitations of using EMS to achieve a
sustainable business?
a. Discuss how you would identify and improve social impacts of
b. What are the issues related to establishing sustainability indicators?
c. In your discussions reference should be made to CSR and
sustainability standards.