What was the result of a similar climate change summit meeting in 2009 at Copenhagen?

How many nations reportedly reached a landmark accord committing them to lowering their greenhouse gas emissions?
2. How many years have UN diplomats been working toward this accord?
3. Who is Ban Ki-moon and what did he say we have for the first time?
4. “At best, scientists who have analyzed [the accord] say, it will cut global greenhouse gas emissions by” how much?
5. The planet-warming carbon emissions that started during the Industrial Revolution could begin to do what as a result of the Paris deal?
6. The deal could be viewed as a signal to global financial and energy markets, triggering a fundamental shift away from what?
7. What was the result of a similar climate change summit meeting in 2009 at Copenhagen? What, in a phrase happened?
8. While scientists once warned that climate change was a problem for future generations, what have recent scientific reports concluded?
9. Who is John Kerry; and with counterparts from what two countries has he spent the past year negotiating behind the scenes?
10. Who is Xie Zhenhua and how did he characterize the deal?
11. What did President Obama of the USA and President Xi Jinping of China announce in Beijing in November 2014?
12. At least how much per year did poorer countries ask that rich countries appropriate as a minimum to help them mitigate and adapt to the ravages of climate change?
13. Despite the historic nature of the Paris climate accord, its success still depends heavily on which two factors outside the parameter of the deal?
14. Is there any legal requirement dictating how, or how much, countries should cut emissions?
15. Starting in 2020, how often will countries that signed the accord be required to reconvene?
16. What is it that “would have been dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate”?
17. A “name-and-shame” system of global peer pressure was created in hopes that countries will not want to be seen as what?
18. Who is Mitch McConnell and what did he say this “unattainable deal” was based on?
19. Who is Arias Cañete and what did he say about “today” and “tomorrow”?
20. What do you say? What are your thoughts about the Paris deal? Can it be achieved? Does it go far enough? What else should be done?