What was the purpose of the lecture?

For the Signature Assignment, you will reflect on a personal learning experience that was more traditional in nature and conceptualize a new way to create that experience using six assumptions about adult learners (Knowles, Swanson, & Holton, 2011).




The six assumptions about adult learners according to (Knowles, Swanson, & Holton, 2011) are:




  1. Adults need to know why they need to learn something
  2. The self-concept of adults is heavily dependent upon a move towards self-direction
  3. Prior experiences of the learner provide a rich resource for learning
  4. Adults typically become ready to learn when they experience a need to cope with a life situation or perform a task
  5. Adults’ orientation to learning is life-centered; education is a process of developing increased competency levels to achieve their full potential
  6. The motivation for adult learners is internal rather than external 



Using appropriate APA style headings, include the following sections in your paper:


  • Abstract: The abstract will provide the reader with an overview of the paper.
  • Introduction: Briefly define andragogy and explain the relevancy of adult learning theories for both adult learners and instructors.
  • Traditional Learning Context: For this section of the paper, describe a learning experience or situation in which you were the learner in a traditional learning context. Select a situation in which the lecture or learning experience did not elicit or hold your interest. Use the following questions to help you develop the context:
    • What was the setting of the learning experience? College campus? Conference? Business setting?
    • Who was the instructor or speaker? What was the subject matter?
    • Who was in the audience?
    • Were you required to attend or not?
    • What was the purpose of the lecture?
  • Andragogy Reflection: Knowles, Swanson, and Holton (2015) asserted that traditional learning contexts do not always employ strategies that meet adult learning needs. Compare the traditional learning context that you described above to a hypothetical one that addresses the adult environment. Use the six assumptions to guide your response. From an adult learner perspective, address the following:
    • Self-Directing: Discuss what learning outcome(s) would have worked better than the ones presented in the lecture.
    • Experience: Describe how your experience in the traditional learning context could have contributed to others’ learning if it had been an adult-centered context, based on the information presented in the lecture.
    • Social Role: Convey how the information could have related to your social role.
    • Application: State how the information from the traditional learning context would have had immediate application to you if it had been delivered in a manner considerate of the adult environment.
    • Internal Motivation: Clarify the need for you to have known the information from a personal perspective.
    • Reason for Learning: Explain why you would have wanted to know the information based on your needs.
    • Learning Styles: Would it have been h