What was the primary hypothesis (or hypotheses) of the study?

Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus)

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A) What was the primary hypothesis (or hypotheses) of the study?
B) What were the primary results (data)?
C) What were the conclusions?
D) What do the authors and you think the next research steps are?
E) What do you think are the studys weaknesses and what improvement do you recommend (What is your critical evaluation? Do you consider the study useful? Successful?)?

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Otter, R. R., Schreiber, E. A., van den Hurk, P., & Klaine, S. J. (2012). Assessment of heavy metal and PAH exposure in largemouth bass ( Micropterus salmoides) in the Reedy River watershed, South Carolina, USA: A multi-season assessment of metallothionein and bile fluorescence. Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry, 31(12), 2763-2770. doi:10.1002/etc.2000