What types of metrics do you use (or want to use) to evaluate your success in life?

Project description
This is a 2 question assignment. Each answer for each question should be about 1-2 paragraphs with 1 credible source. List each source use for the question under the question. Reference page and Cover page are not needed. Number each of the answers with the corresponding question # below.

#6 research starts with opportunity identification and continues throughout the process. The Fuzzy Front End (a.k.a. Discovery) focuses on Voice of Customer (VOC) research and information. VOC research often uses both primary and secondary sources. List and define one type of primary VOC research and one type of secondary VOC research used during the early stages of innovation. Then give us an example of VOC research that you have participated in, read about, or seen. Describe the research method used in terms of primary or secondary, qualitative or quantitative, and exploratory and confirmatory.

#7 After reviewing the different types of metrics in this weeks lecture material, answer the following questions (attached). What types of metrics do you use (or want to use) to evaluate your success in life? What types of metrics are regularly used (or should be used) at your place of employment to financially evaluate the organizations performance?
What types of metrics would you prefer be used in the evaluation of your performance?
Develop a metric plan for the types of metrics you want to use to evaluate your success in the next two years. Include process, financial and success metric types.