What type of organizational culture can stimulate innovation and creativity?

All students of this course should prepare a review (5-6 pages) dedicated to Organizational Culture (do not confuse this topic with Organizational Behavior). The deadline for this assignment is Monday, November 10th. For this assignment you can use all available sources. I highly recommend you to read Chapter 16 of your textbook. Your tasks are to analyze literature (class materials, publications, internet sources). On the basis of all of your sources you should make a review and to formulate your own conclusions.

Here are some examples of possible topics of your Review Paper:

What are the differences between strong and weak organizational culture?
How to change organizational culture?
What is the relationship between national culture and organizational culture?
What type of organizational culture can stimulate innovation and creativity?
Feel free to formulate your own topic concerning Organizational Culture. Please, avoid too broad topics like just “Organizational Culture”. For this topic you need to write a book, not a review paper.

Four tips for writing Assignment

These four tips can help you to make your Writing Assignment better. I will pay attention to the following:

What is the goal of your Paper? For example, you can make a comparable analysis of different points of view on the same problem, or you can find an appropriate solution of the problem. Your goal must be understandable for all potential readers, even for me.
How do you provide your analysis, your logical arguments, and your conclusions? Clarity and organization of the main ideas. Remember a great expression of the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein “What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence”.
How well your points are argued
Citations and References. You should use APA Citation Format. There are many sources where you can learn about this s