What should our response be based on who God is and His principles/commands?

Biblical Integration Essay Instructions:The goal of this essay is for you to know God in a deeper way after you are done than when you started. You will write a 1,500 word essay that examines an ethical issue and applies the provided biblical integration model to arrive at a biblical worldview of that issue and more importantly, arrive at a deeper understanding of who God is in terms of our relationship with Him. The instructions below describe what is required to complete this assignment.

Materials Required

To complete this deliverable, you will need the following materials

This document

Microsoft Word


Select one of the following ethical issues as it relates to ERP systems:




Property rights

Green computing

Compliance issues (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.)

With the chosen ethical issue as a context, write a 1,500 word essay that answers the following four questions in clearly marked sections.

Who is God (i.e., what are His characteristics/attributes that apply to the context)?

What biblical principles or commands apply to the context?

What should our response be, based on who God is and His principles/commands? Your answer should really be one of three options: affirm what the secular worldview says as true, reject what the secular worldview says as false, or redeem the secular worldview by more closely aligning it with the principles and commands of scripture.

Who is God (i.e., now that you see how Gods principles have informed your response, how does that change your relationship with Him)?