What role does mental illness/psychopathy play in criminal justice interactions for this individual?

The character from the movie that you will focus on is Hannibal the cannibal from Silence of the Lambs.
This paper will represent the culmination of materials learned throughout the course. The purpose of the final project is to encourage you to think critically as well as to integrate material learned in class from readings, discussions, lectures, and class materials. Projects should demonstrate the capacity to appropriately integrate outside research and materials.
You should write your report as if you are writing either a clinical assessment. All papers should be professionally crafted as if the final report submitted by a forensic psychologist. Be mindful that papers should be well articulated, organized, and supported by research and course material.
Forensic Assessment
Develop an examination of psychopathology as it is presented in popular media. This should include:
1. An examination focusing on the criminal justice system in some form and,
2. An examination of mental illness or psychopathy.
Choose a character from popular film, television, or literature. Provide an analysis of the individual. Discuss the popular media medium as it portrays mental illness/psychopathy. Is the portrayal accurate? You may choose any form of mental illness using the DSM-5 as a guide for potential diagnoses or psychopathy using the PCL-R. Diagnose the individual you have chosen. What role does mental illness/psychopathy play in criminal justice interactions for this individual? Is mental illness/psychopathy directly addressed in the media portrayal? This character will be hannibal the cannibal.
Review of diagnosis in popular film/media should include:
1. A brief summary of the character and his/her history.
2. An explanation of why the chosen character is a good (or not so good) example of the specific mental illness or psychopathy diagnosis. For examinations of mental illness, the explanation should include diagnostic criteria of the DSM-5. For examinations of psychopathy, this explanation should address the 20 characteristics of a psychopath by Hare in the Psychopath Checklist-Revised (PCL-R).
3. Examples from the movie of why (or why not) the character meets the given criteria for each element of mental illness/psychopathy—this will constitute evidence supporting your diagnosis.
Final diagnosis or an overall PCL-R score.
4. A summary of how accurate a portrait of mental illness/psychopathy this character is. For example, were there characteristics that suggest that he or she is not a true psychopath (e.g. evidence of anxiety or guilt)?
Your report should be written as if it were a case report written by a forensic psychologist.
I have attached some notes and DSM. Also please use criminal behavior a psychological approach by bartol.