What parts of your own clothing, body art, apparel, or other decorations mark ethnicity or faith?

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Arlene MacLeod, “Hegemonic Relations and Gender Resistance: the New Veiling as Accommodating Protest in Cairo”
Zainab Salbi “Women Wartime and the Dream of Peace” (TED talk)
Latif TEDx: “A Feminist’s Choice to Wear the Hijab”

Najar “Why I Wear Hijab”

** choose one of the links to listen to so you can write it about it the reaction. Professor wants you to relate to it.
Reaction paper: Consider the challenge of culture and its impact on faith/spirituality and social justice. Write a short reaction paper on the relations among money, power, gender, and/or identity in the context of faith, spirituality, and/or justice. Course readings focus on the veil but you should  consider possibilities beyond this one example. Possible prompts include:
The veil is particularly noticeable in North American culture as a marker of religious or ethnic identity (and less so in other contexts). What other markers of religious or ethnic identity do you notice around you? More importantly, what markers do you not typically notice, perhaps because they are common or normative? What parts of your own clothing, body art, apparel, or other decorations mark ethnicity or faith?
How could the critical observations about the veil in our readings be applied to other non-religious forms of fashion in relation to identity, ethnicity, and gender? Try to consider how a group very different from yourself would understand the markers in your own form of dress, body art, make-up, hair-style, or other accoutrements as marking our your belonging to a particular group, sub-group, or set of groups.
Are there lessons to be learned from the discussion of the veil for other markers of social difference in a global context? That is, with increased migration, travel, immigration, emigration, and a globalized workforce, how do markers of religious difference intersect with markers of social status, wealth, ethnicity, faith, class, gender, and race?
Is there an implicit or even a real material pressure to conform to the visual markers of one ethnicity and faith (or another) in order to advance one’s career, studies, status, romantic life, and so forth? The veil is one example, but many others are possible for consideration for both men and women.
Under assignments I posted an additional reading and a TED talks, TED X and short you-tube video on the discussion of: the right to wear religiously identified clothing/symbols. You will use these readings to write your reaction paper.  For this reaction paper I am really looking for you to use the reading to substantiate all of your comments.  Each thought you have should relate to the reading or one of the TED talks.
Use APA (I prefer APA) or MLA to use in- text reference your resource.   Below are links you can use to refresh your self with the specific rules of in-text citation, make sure to include a reference page.
In-Text (Citation) References – Purdue Online Writing Lab
Quick Answers—References – APA Style

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Solar, Wind, and Tidal Energy
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Differences between Tidal and Wave Energy.
Uses and benefits.
Pros and Cons.
Impact and consequences of each one of them on the environment.
Compare costs.
Evolution of renewable energy over the past decades
Conclusion (Your thoughts).
Sources of information used.
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