What model of leadership is applicable to this situation, and why?

One of your closest friends, Jim, has been recently promoted to Vice President of Company XYZ. Company XYZ is a thriving company that is known for being strictly about task management. Jim has always found this practice unsettling, and he wants to change the culture of Company XYZ. He is well liked and respected by his peers, which is one of the reasons for his promotion.

The company has seen tremendous growth over the years, but the past two years have been trending downward. A recent employee survey has caught Jim’s attention. The survey polled employee job satisfaction and leadership satisfaction. The employee satisfaction rating was, on average, 5 out of 10, and the leadership satisfaction rating was 4 out of 10 on average. The scores have other members of management puzzled, but Jim believes that increasing these ratings could turn things around.

Company XYZ’s yearly leadership conference is a month away, and Jim has been asked to speak on achieving organizational objectives. Jim knows that you have recently enrolled in a management course and wants to hear some fresh perspectives. You will see Jim next week, and he has given you a list of things to consider prior to the meeting:

• What are some characteristics of a successful leader? • What do followers expect from a leader? • What do leaders expect from followers? • Identify a strategy to increase the leadership satisfaction rating. • Identify a strategy to increase the employee satisfaction rating. • What model of leadership is applicable to this situation, and why?