What method yielded more results and responses?

Give the topic of your research. State what you want to find out. Why the sales are are decreasing despite increased enquiries? Wanting to find out why by looking at the following

Is there a relationship between gender and number of sales?

How do different gender rate quality assurance, confidentiality of personal information and whether the company is to bee trusted?

Research design

This is the methodology of how the research will be carried out.

Quantitative research. Collect data based on set scale like 1=critical, 2=important and 3=not important.
Qualitative research is use of questionnaires distributed online or posted on the company’s website to be filled at will.

Who is expected to be involved in the research? Former customers, visitors to the site or frequent customers
Not all people will participate and data can be collected from 100 customers
Data collection

Through online resources like emails and web discussions or posts, it being the gateway to the company.
Distribution of questionnaires to the participants
Observation by starting web discussion
Ethical issues

Participants have the right to know the objectives of the research and what it hopes to achieve
They should be made aware of dangers or benefits of participating in the research
No form of intimidation or enticement should be used so that customers can agree to participate. They should know that they can pull out of research anytime even when the questionnaire is filled halfway.
Participants should be assured of confidentiality of personal details
Participants should agree to participate by free will
Anticipated data analysis

After collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, it needs to be analyzed to answer the research questions
Standard deviation
Anticipated results

What do you expect to find out?

Is there a relationship between sales and gender? Most males are cautious about disclosing personal information to strangers and that’s why more women than men are the most online shoppers.
Suggestions given by customers about why they no longer buy from online stores and their recommendations on improving the online sales.
What was the best method for data collection? What method yielded more results and responses? People are more likely to be honest in online discussions because they can be themselves.