What makes him a positive or negative person?

Many people believe that the character of Shylock, a Jew who is also a moneylender, is the ultimate character that represents Shakespeare’s own anti-Semitism. He is depicted as a crude, unrelenting individual that demands a pound of flesh when Antonio can’t repay his loan.
In some modern productions of the play, the decision to paint a different picture of Shylock is evident. He is rather the injured party in an unfair justice system. He eventually pays a disastrous price for remaining consistent with his decision of demanding repayment.

Many people in history have ambiguous reputations. Some people love them, while others hate them and what they stand for.

Investigate Jackie Robinson and compare and contrast him to the character Shylock.
– What makes him a positive or negative person?
– What has he/ done to gain this reputation?

You are required to organize your essay in a “point-by-point” structure and not “subject-by-subject.” This means that you must compare and contrast your historical figure and Shylock in each paragraph, not discuss one in a paragraph and then the other in a separate paragraph.

Write a paper of at least 4 pages in length describing and discussing how both figures play on each side of their own ambiguous reputations.

You must use the play as one source, and find 2 additional sources to aid in your comparative composition.
You have received materials in class that you will be permitted to use.

All in-text citations must be in MLA format, as well as your Works Cited page.

Your paper should be font: Times New Roman
size: 12
appropriate indents