What is your overall assessment of the company s corporate governance practice?

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

The State of Corporate Governance at any listed company

We have selected company named (Agthia Listed in UAE stock exchange

We will attach annual reports for the 2 pervious years

The requested report shall answer the following questions based on the attached reports:

– Analyze and show evidence whether the corporate governance report describes in a clear way the role of the board of directors (BoD).

– Describe the structure of the BoD: size, composition, leadership, skills, etc.

– Does the BoD have the committees required by best practice corporate governance codes: Audit, Compensation, Governance, Risk Management, etc.

– Are these committees composed of the right people (in terms of skills and independence)?

– Did the BoD and the committees meet regularly during the periods you are considering? How often? How was director attendance?

– Does the company report detailed executive and director compensation? How much fixed compensation and how much variable compensation (bonus, stock awards, stock options, etc).

– Did you spot any conflicts of interest related to directors? How is disclosure about directors conflicts of interest (affiliation, business and/or family relations)?

– Does the report provide detailed information about company ownership: major shareholders, executive and/or director ownership?

– Does the company report about business ethics issues and corporate social responsibility?

– Does provide any narrative reporting on risk management? If so, to what extent?

– What is your overall assessment of the company s corporate governance practice?