What is the web address of the countrys official website?

Research the Spanish-speaking country which you selected in class with the following questions as points of reference:

1. What is the web address of the countrys official website? What kinds of information does it give? If you cannot find an official website, find the site of the countrys largest newspaper.

2. What are the most popular tourist or visitor sites to see in this country? How many visitors do they have annually? Is tourism an important industry in your adopted country?

3. Are there other official languages besides Spanish? Are there indigenous cultures of significant population? Do they play a significant role politically?

4. Who is the current president or leader of your adopted country? When was he/she elected/chosen? How long a term do they serve?

5. What attracts you to visiting this country? What would you like to see or experience? How would you promote this country to a friend for visiting?

6. How would you describe the relationship between this country and the United States? Have we ever been involved in the politics or history of this country? Do we current have an embassy there? Do they have an embassy in the U.S.?

When you have completed your research, write a paper in English as an introduction to this country to someone who knows nothing about it.

It must be typed, double-spaced.

The answers to these questions are NOT the assignment, the paper is.

IMPORTANT:Notice that there are actually multiple questions for each number. These questions are meant to be a STARTING POINT for your essay. You may (and should) include additional information and facts/figures that you think are relevant or interesting.

REMINDER: It is not acceptable to quote largely from other sources, such as Wikipedia or online websites. This is meant to be in your own words.

Attach a Works Cited page to the end. No particular format is required, just be sure to document any websites or resources from which you gathered information.