What is the traditional curriculum taught in U.S. schools?

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1- In the United States, how can teachers obtain a teaching license and position? What will you be required to do to teach where you want to be? State the grade level and subject that you wish to teach.

2- What are educational standards? Why are they important? How will you use educational standards in your subject area? Provide examples thereof.

3- What is the traditional curriculum taught in U.S. schools? What are common teaching methods used by teachers? Which teaching methods would you use to teach your subject and why?

4- What are the types of assessments used by teachers in the United States? Which purposes do they serve? Which assessment methods would you use in your classroom and why?


5- What are some of the characteristics of todays students?

6- As a teacher, what would you do to meet the needs of todays students? Be sure to state your grade level and content area.

7- How would you fulfill your responsibilities towards special populations such as English Language Learners and Exceptional Students and work with these students?