What is the relationship between social networks and social capital?

– Looking for a 3300 word essay on a paper on this topic: “What explains the ‘underachievement and ‘overachievement of ethnic minorities in Western schools?” This is a sociology paper for a class based on multiculturalism; meaning, that this question must be answered in the framework of multiculturalism, and how the idea of multiculturalism may or may not affect why certain ethnic minority groups may underachieve or overachieve over other groups. The focus should be on western schools. Thus, case studies should be used to examine ethnic school groups in preferably two western countries (the uk and U.S. for example). Analyze similarities between the groups within each country, and if there are differences between the academic achievements between ethnic groups in different countries, explain how the approach to multiculturalism in each country may explain success, or lack thereof, of ethnic minority groups. An idea of how to approach the topic may be something like this: Immigration – “new ethic minority immigrants tend to focus on education as a stepping stone to get ahead and tend to perform better than white british students, while multigenerational minorities may tend to do worse by comparison”. Is this true for other western countries outside of the U.K.? are immigrant groups more academically further along in the U.S. as well compared to multigenerational ethnic groups in the U.S. or are there other barriers contributed to multiculturalism that may cause schisms such as religious schools, segregated neighborhoods, predominantly ethnic minority schooling, etc. These are some questions related to the topic that can give you an idea of what the topic is about: Is it true that ethnic minorities must perform poorly in an educational system that does not reflect their culture? How much difference can schooling make to educational outcomes? Why do different minorities perform differently in the same neighbourhoods and schools? How do some groups push their children and young people to educational success? What is the relationship between social networks and social capital? These are not necessarily questions to be answered in my paper, but, are questions that should be thought about when writing the essay; it helps give an idea of what should be researched. However, answers to these questions may be pooled together to answer the main question as listed above. This is a masters level essay for an ivy league school, so please use well thought out examples, and give a brief overview of multiculturalism. There are a few sources that must be cited: