What is the logical structure of these arguments or viewpoints?

The Writing Prompt: Write a 6-page report that analyzes and synthesizes at least two opposing ethical arguments. Use the following questions for guidance:

1. What is a food related ethical issue for which there seems to be no clear, simple, universal “right” answer?

2. What are some different or competing ethical perspectives on this issue? What is the logical structure of these arguments or viewpoints?

3. What is at stake (now and/or in the future) for this ethical issue?

I have attached the readings, you can only chose any four from these readings as sources but must include Martin and Kaplans articles.

I need a two pages draft in one day.

Please use the easiest words.

Hi, please read the prompt carefully. You need to think a topic based on these readings. Then give the issues involved in and around that topic. The most important thing is to use the readings and think of the different perspectives on those issues. Then, think about how would you write about these perspectives in a way thats not just a quick summary of each or separate summaries, but instead show how these views interact.

More details see attachment.

Some strategies to do “think of the different perspectives on those issues”

1. Anticipate or infer how the authors of the articles might respond to each other

2. Consider historical background and cultural context

Ex: Is it interesting for two people from different cultures or periods of history to agree?

What world you say about an American who argues for arranged marriage?

Someone from the medieval ages to argue for atheism?