What is the history of the organization?

situation analysis and SWOT analysis

Situation Analysis (Penny)
• Who is the organization?
o Endinjurgy.org
o Executive Director Tracy Mehan
• What do they do?
o They have created a platform for people to come together to share information about childhood injuries, prevention and personal stories.
• Who are their clients?
o The clients are anyone who is interested in advocating for childhood injury prevention or have been personally moved or affected by child injuries.
• Where are located?
o Within CIPA a non-profit partnered with Childrens Nationwide Hospital

• What is the history of the organization?
o End Injury started with a small group of people who wanted to make a difference. Child injuries are preventable and they could not believe that nothing more was being done to stop it. End injuries came from a place inside us that said “we can do better-we can make a difference.”
• What is its present status?
o Recently launched their website and filmed a video that that can be used for public service announcements, a platform to spread their message and increase visibility of organization.