What is the difference between a full service ad agency and an in-house agency?

)What is the difference between a full service ad agency and an in-house agency?( Full-service agency:
Encompasses account management, creative services, media planning, and account planning.

In-house agency:
Is a part of the advertiser’s organization; helps to control costs and maintain control over brand image.)

2) The importance of accountability in advertising has grown a lot over the past 2 decades. Why?

3) How can marketing communications add value to a product? ( generate sales and profits
)  create brand awareness
)  enhance brand image
)  create excitement among consumers
)  generate WOM
)  for nonprofits: volunteers and donations.)

5, When people argue that advertising is bad for society because it results in demand creation, what do they mean by “demand creation”? Be sure to use an example to illustrate your understanding.( the picture is for question 5)

6, Marketing communications were traditionally one-way communications. These days, a lot of the communications are more interactive. Describe 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of communications being interactive. Please number your responses (A1, A2… for advantage 1 and advantage 2 and then D1, D2… for disadvantage 1 and disadvantage 2).

7, Write a measurable objective that might realistically be an objective for an advertising campaign. You must write in your own words, which means that you cannot use the objective described by Dr. McAlister during the lecture on this topic.