What is the appeal of the lecture?

After watching the lecture entitled, “The Social Responsibility of Business” by Alex Edmans, your assignment is to critique the lecture using the criteria specified in A through F below: a. Background: What is the nature of the lecture? What are Alex Edmans’ credentials or qualifications? 
 b. Purpose: What are the objectives of the lecture? What kind of material is presented in the lecture? What is the significance of the lecture? c. Thesis: What is lecturer’s position? Is it stated directly and clearly? Do you detect biases by lecturer? d. Evidence: What does the lecturer provide to support her/his position? What are the speaker’s specific arguments? Is the evidence believable? Authoritative? Sufficient? Logical or emotional? Are you convinced? e. Refutation: Does the lecturer present her/his thesis as the only reasonable position or has the lecturer clearly and fairly presented any opposing sides? Has the speaker overlooked any possible opposition? f. Appeal: What is the appeal of the lecture? What are some of its most striking or illuminating qualities? What, if any, are its striking deficiencies? What is the lecturer’s style or tone? Authoritative? Speculative? Reasonable? Suggestive?