What is Oracle?

PACS Proposal
Supply, Install and Commission: –
Unlimited user licence for clinical review, web review & diagnostic reporting per 10,000 studies.
Unlimited Oracle standard licence per CPU RIS brokerless interface S/W.
Production Server Test Server
Dual Monitor Diagnostic Reporting Workstation including one 20” colour productivity monitor.
Professional Services
Site Inspection
Network Verification
Project Management
Workflow redesign
Applications Training
Total cost PACS $128,579.00
Q.1. What is the architecture of this PACS? Please justify your responses. What are its pros and
Q.2. What is Oracle? What is / are its role(s) in this PACS?
Q.3. What is RIS brokerless interface software? What is / are its role(s) in this PACS?
Q.4. Can you suggest the scale of hospital that this PACS can serve? Please justify your responses. What benefits can it bring to this clinical environment? Is it worthwhile to have a PACS in this situation and why?
Q.5. Does the proposal provide adequate information for you to make sound decision? If yes, please explain why? If not, what further information do you need to know and why?