What is normal as far as bowel movements andfeeding?

The first step in any care plan, is to assess. First we must assess the patient, what are the possible causes for her not wanting to breastfeed. What is her perception of breastfeeding, how much information does she have about the benefits of breastfeeding? Once we know why we can then proceed to formulate a plan. First teach about the different benefits of breastfeeding: physical, emotional, healthwise and even financial. Although breastfeeding is a natural process it is far from easy both for mother and baby. that is where we as nurses and even specialized lactation consultants come in. We know the importance of breastfeeding and the benefits and now we must share that with the new mother. Armed with all this information the mother still decides not to breastfeed, then we must teach about formula feeding. How much, how often? What is normal as far as bowel movements and feeding? other ways to ensure that the infant bonds with the mother for example: placing the baby on the chest for skin to skin.