What is it about and how does it impact the Employer?

Please answer the four question in respectively.

1.Does your organization have a variable pay plan for any of its employees and if so what is the basis for payment under the plan. For those without experience with a plan: What outcome would you think best suitable for “pay for performance”?

2.Continuing discussion from last weeks forum: Reviewing current events in the past 6 months – What activity has/is occurring which would impact any aspect of compensation?

(There is a tendency for companies to deny employees the right to unionization. This is because; unions help the employees to secure better compensation through collective bargaining. However, companies such as Amazon and McDonalds continue to reject employees ability to form unions. As such, the increasing unionization of employees would have an impact to employee compensation in the future.)

3.Why are executive salaries so high? Should executive salaries be controlled is all companies, public & private alike?

4.What is the new CEO Pay Ratio? What is it about and how does it impact the Employer? What are some of the concerns?