What is happening to our business environment?

• What is happening to our business environment?
• What do we need to know about our markets and customers?
• What new options should we consider?
• How can we develop our competences to meet all of the changes in the business environment?
By asking these questions of itself, a business looks to match its own objectives for growth and development with the reality of the business environment. Businesses need to be realistic. They must base decisions not upon wishful thinking or blind optimism but upon close and careful analysis of products and markets.
Amway and Marketing mix
Amway is different from the more traditional distribution channels in that the business has developed through direct selling. Amway has over three million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) worldwide. One way in which Amway has diversified its activities is through creating an on-line business opportunity called ‘AMIVO’ to support and enhance its traditional business.
One of the most important lessons to learn about successful marketing is that consumers do not buy products, they buy benefits. And Amway has taken care of that. Product development is a particularly appropriate strategy where an organization is strong in research and development. Product development is highly important for products that have comparatively short life-cycles. Within Amway there are approximately 500 active research and development projects in progress at any one time. With around 575 staff involved in research processes, and with strong links to many universities, Amway formulates, designs and develops new products to meet customer needs and expectations within the global marketplace.