What is at the core of financial planning according to the author?

Read “Moving from Financial Planning to Life Cycle Investing” attached to Assignments.
Answer the following questions briefly (about 1 – 3 sentences as appropriate)
What is at the core of financial planning, according to the author?
What is meant by being “client-centered”?
What does the author mean by “the client is NOT the money…rather, the person”?
What does the term, holistic, mean?
What is one of the best questions the financial life planner can ask?
Do you think the Finance Department at …… ( SCHOOL NAME ) should offer an additional course on Life Cycle Investing (as long as Professor Pandjiris is not involved) or is life cycle investing more conducive to an on the job training experience? Briefly explain your answer.
In your opinion, is the practice of Life Cycle Investing a realistic set of actionable behaviors or is this some utopian idea written by a financial planner who couldn’t make it in the real world? Explain your answer.