What is a topic you have in mind for your upcoming Persuasive Speech?



Thinking Ahead to Your Persuasive Speech

What is a topic you have in mind for your upcoming Persuasive Speech? Explain the organizational pattern you will use, potential main points that would support your goal of persuading the audience.


The topic I decided to choose for this week assignement is about the homeless and how we can help make changes. I choose this topic because I personality knew a family who were homeless. They were hard workers and made a move with friends who used them and then just left them hanging and allow them to live in the streets with three kids. I will explain what the estimated amount of people that are homeless.Did you know that there are over 564,708 people who are homeless and out of that number 206,286 are families. I say estimated because not everyone goes to try and get help. will also explain that it can happen to anyone at any given time,That there are many ways that you can become homeless some are substance abuse, divorce, evictions, fires, natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, tornadoes) these are just a small amount of things that could casue for someone to become homeless. Then I will tell you about the orginazations you can contact for help or even volunteer at, and what all types of help that can offered. Most communities have Salvation Army, or churches in they community that helps in some type of way. To end my speech I will explain to you why it is so imporant to help others less forturante and how it can make you feel by doing so. Also you can get your family involved and set great values in your children at the same time,