What implications for practice follow from this law/legislation?

In this assignment you will explore the linkages between law and legislation and the emergency management and
safety and security professional. You will choose one area of law or legislation covered in the course and discuss
what implications it has on practice. Your paper should let readers know the following:
ï‚· What is the law/legislation you are discussing?
ï‚· What research methods were used to further explore the topic?
ï‚· What implications for practice follow from this law/legislation? That is, how does it inform or impact you
as an emergency or security manager.
Use course readings as a starting point, but you will need to expand your research. The further resources listed in

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the weekly activities are a good place to start. Your paper should be 4 5 pages (double spaced), plus references.
Paper format and required sections:
1. Title (make this your heading on page 1 no title page)
2. Brief introductory paragraph that provides a road map to readers. What will you be discussing in this
paper, in what order, and why?
3. Brief description of the law/legislation. What methods were used explore this?
4. Implications for practice (address each point separately) – make sure to provide references to support
your arguments.
5. Brief conclusion recapping the key points of your analysis (do not include new ideas or information here).
6. References
Submission Guidelines: Submit your assignment to the assignment drop box. The paper should have page
numbers, be carefully proof read, and include all required sections. All citations in the text as well as those in the
References section should follow APA formatting, as should your headings and subheadings (see Further Resources
tab on the course website), but please do not use either a title page or a running head. Pay close attention to how
chapters in books should be cited, and review the reasons for including citations to published work, including when
you cite a specific fact or quote. Do not use the first person voice in this paper.