What factors influenced its choice of entry modes?

Choose *ONE* of the following projects. PROJECT CHOICES:
a. Select an international company that interests you and get a copy of its annual
report from its investor relations department or on the Internet.
b. Report on the company. Suggested information:
i. Mission statement/overriding objective ii. Corporate and Business level strategies
iii. Where does it market and produce its products? iv. Production facilities centralized or decentralized?
v. Standardized products or adapted to different markets? vi. Type of organizational structure
vii. Which of the two types of international strategy does it seem to follow? viii. Does it use work teams? How does it get work done?

a. Select an emerging market that you are interested in.
b. Compile fundamental country data then follow the 4 steps in Chapter 12 to
determine the nature of the market opportunity offered by this country or its
sustainability as a manufacturing site.
c. Make a list of international companies pursuing market opportunities in the
country and identify the products or brands that the companies are marketing. Are there reasons for doing business in the country consistent with the market opportunity as you have researched it? Have these companies established facilities for manufacturing, sales, or both?

3. MANAGEMENT INTERVIEW (Ch. 13, 15, 16)
a. Interview a manager of a company involved in international business (the person
interviewed must have significant knowledge of this companys international
history, business dealings and strategy).
b. Include information such as:
i. What method did the company use initially to go international?
ii. Does the company export? If so, is it a direct or indirect exporter?
iii. How does it receive payment for its goods?
iv. Does it use different entry modes in different markets? What factors
influenced its choice of entry modes?

v. How do managers deal with cultural differences, when negotiating across cultures?
vi. Does the company have a formal TQM program? How do they insure consistency and quality?
vii. Has it obtained any type of ISO certification?
viii. What obstacles did they face when expanding operations abroad? Please
2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
b. Select several magazine publications from a nation other than the USA and other than the one associated with your ethnicity. Locate 4 ads from a single international firm, or advertisements featuring a particular product of brand.
For each determine:
i. Which of the five types of product and promotion policies is being used— dual extension, product extension/communications adaptation, product adaptation/communications extension, dual adaptation, or product invention.
ii. Explain why you think the particular method was selected for each of your ads.
The areas of recruiting and selecting employees when they first went international
Financial constraints
Lack of contacts
Cultural differences
Legal issues