What else could be studied or included in future work on this topic?

the paper attachment is this research paper intro, lit review and method.

please write 3 and a little bit more of results and findings and 3 and a little bit more for discussion. and then do 1 page on limitations and future research and 2 pages on conclusion.

no more references needed check out the paper attachments, use those references found already. of course you can add more but gotta use mainly about the references provided on there already.

the other attachment lets talk paper is a previous student paper that professor approved. so take a look at it.

Results or Findings (you choose)
Jump right into the data, but dont put in your opinions or thoughts here. Save your thoughts for the discussion. Just report what you found. Be specific about the discourses or themes you found and how many times they appeared.
• What did you find?
• Why does what you found in your analysis matter?
• How can your findings lead to recommendations?
• What are your recommendations for addressing this social justice issue?
• How can communication help?
• In a perfect world, what would you have done differently in this project?
• Are there things you wish that you could have included?
• Are there different research choices you would have made?
Future Research
• Building on your work, what should future scholars consider studying?
• What else could be studied or included in future work on this topic?
• How could other researchers expand on your research?