What effect does the Sun seem to have on climate change?

Q1 one page

1-For this assignment I would like you to look at NASA’s climate website (the reason I picked this site is two-fold.  First they are a well respected vetted scientific source.  Second, if you Google “Climate Change” you will get 105,000,000 results, MANY of which are VERY biased.  I want you to have an objective place to start) – I will direct you to some specific pages within the site but PLEASE look around and research more.
Start here – http://climate.nasa.gov/resources/global-warming/
1. Why do I keep calling it “Global Climate Change” vs. “Global Warming”?  What is the difference between the two?
Next go here: http://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/
2. Pick two example of evidence cited by NASA for climate change.  What are they?  Please be specific and cite the evidence…..
Next go here: http://climate.nasa.gov/causes/
3.  What effect does the Sun seem to have on climate change?
4.  What effect do humans seem to have on climate change?
Last go here: http://climate.nasa.gov/climate_resource_center/interactives
Pick two of the interactives and PLAY with them
5.  Which two interactives did you pick AND what did you learn or notice for each of them?

Q 2 to 5 one good paragraph

2- The State of Minnesota was made by mining.  While we also got a lot of our early economic start from forestry – the MAJORITY of our early financing was possible through the mineral deposits in the Iron Range.  While we played out the purest form of the iron deposits a while ago (we don’t dig pure iron ore out of the ground anymore – rather we produce taconite) there is still the opportunity for plenty of mining in the northern part of the state.  These three articles look at the mining and different sides of that mining.  Take a look at the same issues as last week – the geologic, the economic, and the social issues – and apply them to these articles.  One last question – is there any bias in these articles?
“Minnesota’s Next Mining Boom has picturesque Ely Divided” June 2013 Minneapolis Star Tribune
“Nickel Mining Divides Ely Residents” May 2013 MPR Dan Kraker
Poly Met Copper Mine in Northeastern Minnesota gets Cautious EPA Approval

3- Today marks the one year anniversary of the return of Scott Kelly – and astronaut who spent 1 full year in space living in the International Space Station.  As a twin (who has a brother who is also an astronaut) they were able to make a unique study of the effects of space on the human body – something that is necessary to know if we plan to go to Mars – or even farther – someday.

Please read this article – pick at least one of the things that he learned and tell me if you – learned something from it, were surprised by it, or felt that it was an obvious thing that he didn’t need to learn.  AND WHY.


For this week please read “It all began in be very chaos”  I would just like your thoughts and observations.  For some of you this may be very accurate – for some this may be an entertaining story.  Please just let me know (and your classmates) what YOU think and why.


Within the past two years or scientists have discovered the existence of gravitation waves – proving one of Einsteins long held theories.  The science in pretty intense but the long and short of it is that two black holes are colliding and the energy is enough to warp space-time.  (remember worm holes from a couple of weeks ago????)  I am going to link up a couple of articles for you to read – one is a live stream from the discovery, one is an update  on that..
Now the question(s) for this week –
All of this exploration costs a lot of money – and while the science is very cool, at this SECOND there isn’t a ton of real world here on Earth applications for it (though some day there may be – time travel anyone???) SO – is it worth while to spend the money on this (and other space exploration….) or should we be using our resources in other areas?
(As a side note, and remember I am from Wisconsin, I just saw a funny joke: “The new Vikings stadium cost more than our planned mission to Mars.  We could have built the stadium there and saved money – especially since the Martians haven’t won a Super Bowl either….”)