What effect do you believe the program had on the U.S. economy?

According to statistics from the U.S. department of education (2010), 57% of all bachelor�s degrees and 61% of master�s degrees are awarded to women. Is the increasing number of educational and employment opportunities for women creating a reverse gender gap? Why or why not?
2. In the documentary film the hunting ground, we learned about rape on college campuses. Discuss the under reporting of rape and the overall implications of how individuals and institutions responds to women�s reports of rape for gender inequality.
3. Explain the difference between race and ethnicity. In your answer, discuss why race continues to be a significant characteristic in American ideology.
4. What was the bracero program? What effect do you believe the program had on the U.S. economy? What connections, if any, are there between programs like bracero and U.S. immigration policy today? Explain.
5. Drawing on the documentary film the Pruitt-Igoe Myth and other relevant sources, discuss the structural and social forces associated with the decline of public housing in U.S. cities.

listed are 5 questions, you must choose three of which to write 2 pages on. on the 7th page is a reference page in APA style and must be references in text as well as on that page. double spaced and you can choose any 3 questions you like.