What does it take to become Latino Muslim and does their religion support malicious activities linked to them worldwide?

Article Review on US Latina/o Muslim
Cultural relation to several factors including religion is a reality. In the article, the presumption of all Latina/os being Catholic, clearly comes out. Additionally, more confusion came with the emergence of Latino Muslims. This is considered a loss of identity despite the fact that everyone has the right to choose a religion. This essay analyses the findings of the articles on what transpired about US Latina/o Muslims.
The genesis of the Authors exploration into the matter started on September eleventh two thousand and one. He experienced prejudice on several occasions in the airport for having a Latina and an Arab name. During this period, Latino Muslims were facing hard times in America because of their relationship to terrorist activities. The Author, therefore, came out to unearth the truth about how they came to be, and realized most of them are converts. In the course of the research, he was lucky to hear their stories about how they converted. The Authors main objective of the research is to clarify the misconception about US Latino Muslims. Secondly, is helping the American community at large understand the uniqueness of this Latina/o for peaceful coexistence.
During the process of research, most of the Latina/os who were interviewed took the opportunity to rebuild their identity while the other used it to assert their current identity. This depiction is in the article where they narrate enormously from their heart. Sonia and Felix for instance, the opportunity made them tell American that it was the best option having tried Christianity and found no peace. In the other hand, Laura and Pedros narration stated that it is not a typo, and they do not regret choosing the path. However, what came out clearly is the recognition of history as they narrate.
In conclusion, the article is much more plausible to me because its publication is from actual Latina/os narrations. In this regard, I strongly endorse this article since it is the first of the kind to show the real genesis of this religion cum culture. It is appropriate for these two questions to be answered, having shone light on the matter. What does it take to become Latino Muslim, and does their religion support malicious activities linked to them worldwide?