What do their responses suggest about their attitudes towards Western civilization?

Answer six questions. Each response should be about 2 paragraphs. You must use complete sentences to receive credit. The response to each question is worth 50 points.

o Be sure to respond to ALL parts of the question.

o Provide different and relevant details and examples in response to each question.

o Avoid generalizations; provide specific details from the lectures and readings. You must present information from the textbook in your own words; information copied from the textbook will not receive points, even if you place the information in quotation marks.

o Where appropriate, provide

o Names (of persons, countries, etc.) and dates

o Explanations of specific events and key terms/concepts

o Examples to support your response

o Discussion of the historical significance of your examples

o Points will be deducted for inaccurate information.

o Please write clearly and legibly.

Define industrialization and explain the conditions that led to industrialization in Britain and Japan. Be sure to identify the time period each country experienced its industrial revolution.

2.Identify and explain the new players, arenas, rationales and forms of domination of the “New Imperialism.” How were they different from the earlier phase of European expansion?

3.In the nineteenth century, how did people living in countries confronted by foreign imperialism respond to these threats? What do their responses suggest about their attitudes towards Western civilization?

4.Identify and explain the causes of World War II. In what ways were these causes rooted in World War I?

5.Describe the various ways the Cold War was fought. Be sure to provide specific examples.