What do the authors say about a global culture of consumption?

You have been asked to read specific pages of these articles for the seminar sessions.
Which are mention above. Keeping your focus upon those pages, the discussions that have taken place over the seminar sessions,

***use the following broad guidelines to complete your reviews of the articles:

• Remember to summarize the key points of the articles – what are the big overarching themes that the papers refer to?
• How are identities seen to be developed through the ‘consumer bubble?
• What do the authors state defines a culture of consumption
• How have times changed?
• What do the authors say about a global culture of consumption?
• Why are stories important for understanding consumption
• How have ‘things become such an important facet of consumers lives?
• What do the authors note about less affluent countries/emerging markets/post-socialist countries? Why is an understanding of this important?
Remember, you only have a limited number of words, so get to the point quickly! I am not looking for an introduction to each of the papers, but I want to see an in-depth understanding of what the authors contribute in being able to answer the above.

• Remember to use relevant examples to support your answer – without references to relevant examples, you will struggle to achieve the higher grades.
** referencing only from the three articles

(500 words max – not including word count )

Taking account of what you have learnt so far from the module, you are required to provide a critical reflection of your own understanding and opinions about consumption and the consumer society. What do you now understand about consumption? What do you feel are the positive/negative elements of consumer culture? This is your voice and a space to express your feelings.