What do I want and what do I not want from a corporation as a founder?

“What is the company I would work for?” Or
“What is the company I would create?” Or
“As a founder, what do you want and what do you not want of your company?” Or
“What do I want and what do I not want from a corporation as a founder?”
As this semester progresses and you develop your idea and try to imagine it within an entrepreneurial context, your idea, goals and ideals for what you feel a company should represent might change.
Please document all of this, your thoughts, changes or lack of them.
This is one thread you can build on.
Chapter 2 – How do I go about getting ideas that will turn out be more than just ideas.
I proposed “The irritation process,” list all the things you encounter in reality and in your mind that irritate you and come up with something ad hoc (i.e. right then and there) to deal with it.
The many other ways to get ideas include brainstorming with leapfrogging and freewheeling. This is an uncritical process and an exercise in listening.
I also proposed the brainreactions.com but not the brainreactions.net website. The first has been inactive for three years but contains a lot of useful reference material.
Chapter 3 – How we went about whittling down our ideas.
In other words how do you reduce your ideas and discover which are in fact opportunities?
This is the first step of your informal market research. You talk to people in your entourage, you find people of similar/parallel interests and you talk to them as well.
Remember, all of this is interesting ONLY insofar as you document it!
Even on Facebook…in fact if you can disguise your idea enough to protect it, using the Social Networks might be a way to draw useful attention your way in the form of comments, suggestions, comparisons, a sort of informal brainstorming…
Chapter 4 – Describe how you went about dividing your group up into a team:
The boss as the decider or CEO
The Finance person or CFO
The master of the process of the COO
And eventually a marketing person.
Since you will describe the process, you will have to discern each other’s qualities
Since you are few in number you should be multitaskers all, but when the crunch comes, when things need deciding, you should put that in the hands of your boss/CEO. Entrepreneurship is not a democratic process. It requires deciders who are allowed to overrule majority opinion. Even in Democracies leaders decide, and once they have decided they discover the means to make their decision come true.