What consideration was exchanged or used for this transaction cash, stock, options, etc.?

The combination of Comcast and NBC Universal was described as the creation of a “media powerhouse” and a “media behemoth”. The result of this business combination potentially changes the way the public views and receives its entertainment options.
Using reputable sources prepare a research paper that discusses the following related to the Comcast NBC Universal combination:
? Discuss why this combination was potentially risky and rewarding.
? Speculate as to why General Electric may have wanted to divest itself from the management of NBC Universal.
? Discuss the type of business combination used to effectuate this deal, i.e. was this a merger, acquisition, partnership, joint venture, etc.? What consideration was exchanged or used for this transaction: cash, stock, options, etc.?
? Discuss whether or not the combination has been successful. How specifically is “success” measured?
The paper is to be 5–7 pages (of content) long and prepared in accordance with APA guidelines. There should also be a 1–2 paragraph abstract and a bibliography of current relevant sources that are used and cited in the paper. The paper is to be submitted via the course Dropbox by the end of Unit 9.
Note: the paper should be well organized, well referenced, and free from spelling and grammatical errors. Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source.