What are the roles and responsibilities of doctor nurse social worker pharmacist and others for patient care?

Review the following sample case created for you.
Each team member should reflect on all the details given in the case and consider what needs to happen for Tony to be safely released from the hospital.
As a team, create a written conversation on one or two issues for each of the two questions below with the key topics for Conflict and Collaboration.

Sample Case: A Construction Worker Involved in an Automobile Accident
A 35-year old construction worker named Tony originally from New York but living in Florida was airlifted from a serious automobile accident on I-95 to a hospital in Broward County where he was evaluated by Emergency Room team and admitted to the Trauma unit. Tonys injuries left him paralyzed from the waist down and unable to move his legs. He has no health insurance. He has a wife and three young children living with him in Broward County, Florida, and one brother living in New York. While the physician notes that Tony is not critically ill, he has significant health care needs. The nurse has raised concerns that Tony is physically unable to care for himself and is feeling very depressed. Tony is concerned about providing for his family and his inability to work in construction in the future. There is pressure from the hospital to discharge Tony as soon as possible because his bed is needed for other patients and because the hospital is not being reimbursed for additional costs for keeping him in the hospital. According to the medical social worker, who has been involved with Tonys care since admission, there are no available openings in local rehabilitation or long term care facilities for the level of care needed. Assume that the interprofessional team providing Tonys care at the hospital includes a nurse, a physician, and a social worker (although it could also include other health care professionals such as an occupational therapist or a hospital administrator).

Teams should respond to the two questions below with the key topics for Conflict and Collaboration.

Patient /Family Goals/Objectives
Hospital administration goals
1. What are the roles and responsibilities of doctor, nurse, social worker, pharmacist, and others for patient care?

2. What are the potential interprofessional challenges raised for the team through the scenario?