What are the potential risks in these relationships?

Please choose four to five questions from two sets of questions: general questions listed in “Case&PaperGuideline” and case specific questions listed below. You dont have to answer ALL the questions listed. You can write one short paragraph for each question, or use bullet points.

Discussion questions for Case Redbox and Chapter 9 Cooperative Strategies:

1. What challenges is Redbox facing now? Whats Redboxs core competency, if any? What strategies do you recommend Redbox to take to deal with these challenges? Based on your analysis on Redboxs core competency and external environment, do you think Redbox can effectively implement your recommendations?

2. If you believe Redboxs own core competency or resource and capabilities are not sufficient to respond to the challenges, what resources and/or capabilities do you think Redbox will need? Can Redbox acquire theses resources/capabilities through merger and acquisition, through strategic alliance (either equity alliance or non-equity alliance)? What are the pros and cons of each approach?

3. Consider the current relationships between Redbox and its strategic alliance partners, including movie studios and supermarkets, how do you characterize them (equity or non-equity alliance, business-level, corporate-level alliance)? What type of market (slow, fast, or standard cycle) is Redbox competing in? What are the reasons to form strategic alliance based on the market-type?

4. How can Redbox benefit from these alliances (think in terms of economy of scale/scope, market power, financial economies, etc.)? What are the potential risks in these relationships? What measures can Redbox take to mitigate the risks?