What are the potential problems with your plan?

It is your time to fix the ethical “justice” system as it relates to the legal profession.Your mission, and you have no choice but to accept it, is to design a fix for lawyers, so that ethics violations are reduced or eradicated. I am not looking for a band-aid. This will require some thought and effort on your part. It must include, but is not limited to the following:

1. Define what an ethics rule/violation is for prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges. (It may be easier to just pick one for each type, but you can go broad as well)

2. What will the process be in enforcing your ethical rules/violations. Who will do it? How will you do it? Who will make the final determination?

3. What will you do to educate new attorneys coming into the profession to help them from violation their ethical responsibilities?

4. Based on your plan, explain why it will work. What are the potential problems with your plan?