What are the NURSING implications of caring for a pregnant adolescent

The focus of the portfolio is on the importance of the evidence base, for current Australian nursing practice of the care of either children with asthma or adolescents who are pregnant. For this assessment item, students are to prepare a portfolio of art e facts related to the scenario exploring a child with asthma or pregnancy in adolescence in this unit. Prepare the presentation of artefacts in an Eportfolio presentation or a PowerPoint presentation.
The essay should include discussion of how the portfolio represents the students learning in relation to the evidence base for practice in the chosen scenario. Demonstration of critical thinking and evaluation with regard to the value/level of evidence for practice and the evaluation of the value of evidence base for practice for future nursing should also be included. Students should use the artefacts from their portfolio to form the foundation for their essay, ensuring that all discussed arte facts are cited and referenced using APA style
Using the evidence and research presented in your portfolio, please select one of the following essay questions as your topic. The essay should demonstrate critical thinking in the evaluation of your artefacts as well as the value of evidence based nursing practice. The artefacts presented in the portfolio should form the foundation for the essay, ensuring that discussed artefacts are cited andreferenced using APA style
CASE SCENARIO FOR PORTFOLIO u can choose 1 from these two.
1..Aisha Connelly is a 17 year old girl who has just discovered she is pregnant. She is ofATSI decent.(ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER )What are the NURSING implications of caring for a pregnant adolescent of ATSI decent? As a NURSE how and why is it important to apply an evidence basis to your practice in order to achieve positive outcomes.
2.. In a rural setting, resources and access to health care are limited for those communities Compliance of antenatal care is low. DiscUss the reasons ATSI women do not attend regular antenatal appointments and considering cultural perspectives, how would you apply evidence based NURSING practice to ensure proper antenatal care is accessed and positive postnatal outcomes are achieved.