What are the known incentives for implementation of an electronic health record?


There are only 2 discussion questions. Each can be about 1/2 page or more. At least 1 reference per discussion question.

Discussion questions:

Question 1:

Benchmarking compares services provided with those provided by other organizations. This technique can be applied at many levels from the system to the unit level. Review your textbook for a discussion on this topic and also visit the South University library for current articles on Benchmarking. After reading and reflecting on this information, post a response including your ideas on the following questions:

Discuss how the nurse manager might use benchmarking to compare the unit with other departments in terms of productivity, budgeting, educational activities, and shared governance.

How does benchmarking improve “team” performance?

How does it promote healthy competition and unit pride?

How can benchmarking be used in your plan of action?

Question 2:

The establishment of a competent information management structure is a high priority for any health care organization. Over the last few years, there has been a growing interest in the development of electronic health records as an integral portion of this structure. While implementation of an electronic health record is expensive, most health care organizations believe that the implementation is worthwhile. After a review of current literature and your textbook, post your answers to the following questions.

How does an organizations strategic plan relate to a decision to purchase information technology such as an electronic health record system?
What are the known incentives for implementation of an electronic health record?
What is the role of nursing in the development of these records?

What is the role of a nurse who specializes in nursing informatics?