What are the ethical questions that are involved?

s Dilemma case and write a 400-word essay to answer the quest Show more Paper instructions:?Read the Polluters Dilemma case and write a 400-word essay to answer the questions following the case. Quality of writing is a substantial consideration in the amount of credit given. Citation Tip: Citation is not required but if you need to cite course materials (i.e. course readings and lectures) you may use according to xxx ; if you need to cite external materials you may use APA style.?Case Study?THE POLLUTERS DILEMMA?Jonica Gunson is the environmental compliance manager for a small plastics manufacturing company. She is currently faced with the decision whether or not to spend money on new technology that will reduce the level of a particular toxin in the wastewater that flows out the back of the factory and into a lake.?The factorys emission levels are currently within legal limits. However Jonica knows that environmental regulations for this particular toxin are lagging behind scientific evidence. In fact a scientist from the university had been quoted in the newspaper recently saying that if emission levels stayed at this level the fish in the lakes and rivers in the area might soon have to be declared unsafe for human consumption. An environmental group has also started to watch these issues recently.?Further if companies in the region dont engage in some self-regulation on this issue there is reason to fear that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) backed by public opinion may force companies to begin using the new technology and may also begin requiring monthly emission level reports (which would be both expensive and time consuming). The EPA does not need Congressional approval to act under environmental statutes but it does have to publish its intent to implement a new or changed standard in the Federal Register. The EPA has conducted regional hearings that have been well attended by regional citizens.?But the companys environmental compliance budget is tight. Asking for this new technology to be installed would put Jonicas department over-budget would become carefully scrutinized by company executives and could jeopardize the companys ability to show a profit this year.?Study Questions A. Who are the stakeholders who are/will be affected in this scenario? B. What are the ethical questions that are involved? Be sure to distinguish between issues that are primarily right-and-wrong (e.g. ethical or moral lapses) versus those that are right-and-right in which there are simply tough trade-offs of appropriate competing values. C. What recommendations do you have in how the situation could be/should have been resolved? OR state if no resolution is necessary and the reasons why the status quo is acceptable. Show less