What are the eligibility criteria including details of the target group for service provision?

Some of the questions you need to answer briefly to provide background information for your discussion include:

• Who did you first and subsequently contact and how (visit, phone, via website, more than one contact method)? What sort of initial impression did you form from first

and subsequent contact?
• Referral/eligibility: Who can make a referral?
• What are the eligibility criteria, including details of the target group for service provision?
• Who funds the service, and how soon would it be available if a referral was made and accepted (i.e. – is there a long waiting list, or is the service available at

• How clear was the information available to you? (Clearly stated personal opinion)
• Do you think it would be accessible and understandable for potential clients making direct contact themselves, or for their families/significant others? (Your

interpretation, with a basis for the views you have formed)
• What information about the potential client would be needed by the organisation for the referral to be taken/accepted?
• Were you able to obtain details/copies of the referral form, initial interview format and program planning format used by the organisation? If not, was there a

reason this wasn’t made available to you? (Provide copies of relevant forms as attachments).
• Do team members need to have specific training/qualifications to be employed by the organisation, and what is an ‘average’ caseload (based on fulltime CM role)?