What are the conditions for supplying the product?

You are required to complete an analysis of the marketing strategy of our Client Partner – PWC, focusing on the particular marketing issue related to the organisation. Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) will be applied to the marketing issue and the framework provided by BOS used to formulate a marketing solution supported by other marketing concepts and analytical tools.

Focus on all business sectors, but mainly on consulting

I’m responsible for the Suppliers and Intermediaries (Supply Side)
– Relevant macro level impacts on industry competition (PESTL)
– Porter’s 5 Forces: Supplier Power
– Porter’s Value Chain

Suppliers and Intermediaries
(Supply Side)
• Phase 3 – Supply Conditions and Intermediaries, Environment and Observers

Supply Conditions including for example:
• What are the conditions for supplying the product? Number, type, size and location of direct and indirect competitors supplying the product or service (including both domestic based and international import suppliers) i.e. What are the supplier alternatives?
• What is the concentration or lack of concentration of ownership and trends in supply. Use Supplier Power analysis from Porter’s 5 Forces.
• Nature of value creation and delivery system linking producers and consumers for this type of product or service (including channels of distribution, key input suppliers, key complimentors and other relevant intermediaries that impact on the cost of the product)
• Government actors involved and their role
• Environmental Impacts on Supply – contraints and enablers: Including, socio-cultural, economic and material environment, regulations, technology, and relevant infrastructure (transport, communication, finance etc)
• Any marketing models or frameworks applied to the supply conditions you consider appropriate.