What are some strategies for managing conflict between groups in the same organization?

This is not a essay. Just simply answer this 8 questions. I will upload 7 PowerPoint and 1 Word Doc. The answer must based on the PowerPoint and Word Doc. Most answer in the PowerPoint and Word Doc.
1.As noted in your class materials, identify the important elements of organizational problem solving and decision making that you would need to consider if you are part of a team working on a major project for your company.
2.What are the destructive effects of unmanaged or mismanaged conflict? What are the positive effects of well-managed conflict? What are some strategies for managing conflict between groups in the same organization?
3.If you were the VP of Human Resources for a company, what strategies would you put in place to grow a culture of proficient EQ employees?
4.What are the external environment factors that are prompting organizational change and what are the key factors and strategies necessary to deal with that change?
5.If you were to design the ideal social media policy for an organization what would that look like? Provide a clear statement of the policy that would be ready to include in an employee handbook and give the reasons for each items of your policy.
6.What are the common problems associated in managing information for organizations. How would you propose addressing 3 of those major issues?
7.If you were hired as a consultant to address significant organizational change by a company, how would you advise they approach it? What communication strategies would be necessary to manage successful change?
8.What components would an effective employee training and development plan include? What advice would you give to individual employees about things they could do to help them develop?