What are some specific examples from the interview that helped you to identify these cultural dimensions?

PART 1: For this assignment, you will conduct an interview (30-45 minutes) with someone from a different culture than yours (OR an individual who has lived in another culture for an extended period of time). You may explore issues such as family, traditions, worldview, language, nonverbal communication, time orientations, perceptions of space, power/authority, gender, and make sure to explore as many cultural dimensions as you are able – individualism/collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, etc. Please create your own interview questions.

Take notes during the interview OR do an audio recording to help you with the second half of the assignment.

PART 2: After the interview, you will write a 2-3 page analysis about the experience. DO NOT write a direct transcription of the interview. Overall, your paper should answer the following questions:

What are some important things you learned about the interviewees culture?
Identify AND explain 3-4 internal cultural dimensions from class that were explored in the interview that you found to be the most interesting/important in their culture. What are some specific examples from the interview that helped you to identify these cultural dimensions?
How was their culture reflected in the way they interacted with you before/during/after the interview? (both verbally and nonverbally)
How did the intercultural interaction make you feel? What are your final thoughts/conclusions drawn from the interview?

Your interviewee may not know some of the jargon that youve learned in this course, so be prepared to explain what certain terms mean (i.e. polychronic/monochronic time orientations, proxemics, haptics, collectivism, worldview, power distance, paralanguage etc…) or put them into simpler terms for interview purposes.

Avoid “yes-or-no questions.” These do not provide an opportunity for explanation – and the richer the information, the more help you will have in writing your analysis.

This is an academic paper. In-text citations and a Works Cited page are required for references used, including our textbook. This should go without saying, but grammar, spelling, and writing skills will be evaluated along with content. If you need assistance with this or future writing assignments, please contact the Writing Center located in Waterfield Library