What are some of his/her biggest business failures?

For this assignment, you will pick a leader within an industry youd like to work in. On FSO is a list of leaders to help guide you in the right direction if you arent sure who to choose from. Please do not pick an athlete, coach, actor, etc. who doesnt work on the business side of the industry. The purpose of this assignment is so you can learn from a leaders successes, failures, and leadership styles within the business.

Please research and answer the following questions on this document thoroughly in a formal essay format. Do not bullet point your answers. Provide your answers in full and complete sentences and paragraphs.

APA formatting is not required, but certainly acceptable. Copying and pasting directly from articles is plagiarism and taken very seriously. Make sure you are giving credit where credit is due, however, a minimum of 75% of your submission must be in your own words. Even using direct quotes from outside sources and cited properly, 75% of the content of your submission must be in your own words.

The following formatting is required:

1. Include your name on the top left hand corner of the first page

2. Include page numbers on the top right hand corner of every page

3. Use Arial, Calibri, or New Times Roman, 12 point font style and size

4. Double-space the entire document

5. Include a formal References Page for your last page.

6. Save and name your document as follows: (LastNameFirstName_A3)

7. Proof-read your work

1. What leader have you chosen to speak about and what companies has he/she worked for?

2. What are some of his/her greatest business achievements?

3. What are some of his/her biggest business failures?

4. What have you learned from their achievements and failures?

5. Based on what you saw in the assigned video on Leadership Qualities/Actions, what qualities do you think your leader exhibits to help reach their success?

6. How might your leaders perspective of media and entertainment products be different from the average fan or consumer? (Example: An artist may change genres and fans might consider them “selling out” while their manager/executive of the artist is really thinking more about reaching a larger audience and making more money.)

References (minimum of 3):