What are banlieue neighborhoods in France?

Who were/are the following men and which role(s) did they play / do they play in the

history of France according to Dubois?
a) Gabriel Hanot
b) Rachid Mekloufi
c) Jules Rimet
d) Marius Tresor
e) Lilian Thuram
f) Zinedine Zidane
2. What are the many connections between the former French colonies (and most
particularly Caribbean France), soccer, identity, and France according to Dubois? (Be sure
to state which specific Caribbean countries and the nature of “identity” implied in
Duboiss study).
3. What are banlieue neighborhoods in France? What does Dubois recount about them in
various chapters of the book? (In your response, you must define and explain what the
word banlieue means, and what it is notable for in the history of Frances football culture).
4. Discuss and explain Dubois concept of “La France Metissee” (Read Chapter 7 closely).
5. In Soccer Empire, Dubois attempts to use the history of soccer to examine the history of
empire. To what extent does a cultural object like sport allow us to see aspects of colonial
and post-colonial history that other approaches do not?