Was your portfolio riskier than the market as measured by Beta?

s 500. Inv Show more I am using yahoo finance and finra 1) Please select ten stocks from the Standard and Poors 500. Invest a fictitious amount in each of the ten stocks. You have $1000000 of fictitious money to allocate. Please keep track of the daily performance of your portfolio and compare it to the return on the S&P 500. You should keep track of this in an Excel Spread Sheet. I will ask to view these spread sheets at the end of the summer session. You must make your selection of stocks and begin observing and tracking the performance of this portfolio relative to the S&P 500. Your objective is to outperform the S&P 500 Index. You can choose not to invest all of the funds in stocks and hold the five year treasury instead. There will be no trading so all decisions for your portfolios are final. Where do I find the reutrn on S&P 500? Is it one single number? Please give an example You should keep a daily record and begin to graph the value of your portfolio relative to the SPY. One of the most widely known ETFs is called the Spider (SPDR) which tracks the S&P 500 index and trades under the symbol SPY. Now this I do not understand. Can you explain what is etf spy and how do we do it? Please include in your portfolio spread sheet the Beta of each of your stocks. Please let me know the source of the Betas you use. Also you must calculate the Beta of your portfolio. Is your portfolio riskier than the market. I dont understand this. How do I do this? What does beta mean? Remember you must graph your portflio against the benchmark. Your graph plus a one paragraph summary of how your portfolio performed relative to its benchmark. Make sure you put your name as the subject line. You should not only look at return but risk as well. Was your portfolio riskier than the market as measured by Beta? Was your portfolio more volatile than the market as measured by standard deviation of daily returns? What benchmark? How do we grpah? Can you break it down and explain it to me what is being asked for and how to do it. Show less