This Paper Is More As A Fake Specification Requirement Document For An It Projec

This paper is more as a fake specification requirement document for an IT project.

Design and implement a Fire Alarm IOT System, using the framework of the Raspberry PI device, temperature, C02 and CO sensors

Deployment design of the system (The System can be a level IOT-1 system): 

Definition of a deployment design of the system: deployment architecture depicts the mapping of a logical architecture to a physical environment. The physical environment includes the computing nodes in an intranet or Internet environment, CPUs, memory, storage devices, and other hardware and network devices.

Designing the deployment architecture involves sizing the deployment to determine the physical resources necessary to meet the system requirements specified during the technical requirements phase. You also optimize resources by analyzing the results of sizing the deployment to create a design that provides the best use of resources within business constraints.

The following sections provide some general guidance on how to size a deployment for the following system qualities:





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